Bonesaw is the latest robot creation by Team DaVinci. It is a lightweight robot sponsored by Whitley Home Medical. It is a horizontal bar spinner that spins a 36" S7 tool steel blade at around 3000 rpm to give a liner tip speed of approximately 320 mph. The blade is driven by six over-volted DeWalt motors to give an estimated power of 11 horse power on the weapon motor alone! And to top it all off the blade is less than three inches off the ground :-) The body of the robot is just over 2" thick with a little less than 1/4" ground clearance.

BoneSaw uses many exotic materials including, titanium, carbon fiber, UHMW, Lexan, S7 tool steel, and more. Click below to check our some of our reports

Report from Day 1

Report from Day 2

Report from Day 3


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